This tool is awesome, it is easy to use and very clear in its guidance.  It can help you gain clarity on any issue.  I’d recommend this very practical and useful tool to anyone.

- ZeraStarchild, author, entrepreneur


I love using my Divinitive Answer Cards.  I like that they are flexible and you can ask a yes or no question, or choose to get more information.  They are quick, easy to use and FUN!  I would highly recommend them for any women’s group that you might be involved in.

-Amy Wheeler, Yoga Teacher


Using and playing with Divinitive Answer Cards has been helpful to my daughter in dealing with her grief after having lost her dearest friend, recently. Friends are enjoying the cards for the fun of playing with them, although they are amazed at  the facilitation of finding the answers for themselves. We are excited to encourage their use for anyone who is thoughtful and interested in spiritual growth!

-Celia J. Finestone, Registered Nurse.


Casey has weaved together her incredible artistic intuitive wisdom and created a wonderful tool for anyone wanting to; empower themselves to receive their own answers, increase or start to learn the gifts of intuition or just have some unique fun. As a medical intuitive energy practitioner, I find the Percent and Answer decks give great wisdom in understanding that although you may receive a “yes” it doesn’t always mean it is the highest choice for you. Used as Casey suggests, these cards can open everyone to hear their own divine voice within. Truly, an incredible gift!

-Margaret Tuggle Medical Intuitive, Energy Practitioner


“I love the way these cards bring out an open, curious, flexible mind.  It’s joyful to play with them and they’ve given me good insights into the questions I’ve asked.”

-Kate H.


“I wanted to tell you we’ve been working with the cards and they’ve really helped us! Last night I asked if it was in the best interest of our business to attend the Market this week and we got a “No” with “Look to nature” with 80% This was the first question I pulled cards for! It just isn’t the right time of year or weather for our products and the cards helped us see that!”

-Geoff Puryear, Co-Owner of Umpquatopia


“So Simple, so effective, so on point!  Get your answer here. It’s divine”

-Dr. James Wanless,  Creator of the Voyager Deck