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Hello.   I am back after another day of being Thankful for all of the blessings and friends and loved ones in my life.  This day just happened to be set aside for it, and included stuffing my face…I ate mostly desserts, including of course my own handmade CHOCOLATE.  I am here his time to tell you about some things that came up during the “Author Event” that Mystic Earth in Roseburg, OR held on Sat. Nov. 17th.  I would have come sooner, but chocolate making had to take precedence.

It was a fun little time at Mystic Earth.  Not a lot of people showed up perhaps because it was a rainy, dreary day of the type best spent inside someplace cozy and warm.  But still I explained the cards to those who were there and guided folks through the use of them. It is always good for me to see the types of questions people ask, because I can learn more myself about how to teach people about them.

One thing  came up that I haven’t explained yet in my conversations and writings about the cards.  That is, when you ask the cards a question about  another person, what they feel or what they want or will do,  you can’t get that answer.  Only they will know for sure.   You can only come up with how you would feel if they felt or wanted or did what you asked.  For example:  If you ask, “Does John want to ask me out on a date.”   If you really want him to, (which you probably do if you are even asking the question) and you drew a NO you will be bummed, which tells you right there that you hope he does in case you haven’t figured that out inside.

You should try to keep your questions about yourself.  Ask the cards the type of questions you would ask if you were asking someone for advice.   Think of the cards as your private adviser, ask the question, then as you interpret the meaning of the cards you are actually being your own adviser. In the example above, you would be better to ask, “Is it in my best interests to go out with John if he ever asks me out?”….or,  “Should I try to encourage John to ask me out?”…or “Is it in my best interest to ask John out Friday night?”  There are lots of ways to get to the main issue here, John Yes or No.  Deep down you already know.  The cards can show you.

This is all, of course if you are playing with serious intent.  If you are playing just for fun, go ahead and ask any question you want.  But be prepared to just laugh at the answer and treat it like a game. It won’t be a serious answer if it wasn’t a serous question.  But it will usually be funny.  One of the young men there told me he asked the cards if they were lying and they said yes.  In all of this it is still important to remember the true answer isn’t in what the cards say, it is in how you feel about what they say.  If he believed they were lying and that felt right, then he would be comforted when he got an answer he didn’t like.

Which brings me to another thing that came up.  I asked a woman there if she had played with the cards and she said “Yes, and they are mean.”  I thought that was interesting and we talked about it a little.  They can feel mean when you don’t get an answer you want, and you believe the words on the cards to be your answer.  The words on the cards are not your answer, unless they feel right and you recognize them.

When I designed the cards I was sure to have negative answers in there because we don’t always get what we think we want.  Sometimes we need to hear NO.  Sometimes seeing the negative answers makes us all the more positive they are wrong,  showing us what we knew in our hearts all along.  The cards will slowly train you how to ask your questions to get to the crux of the matter.  If you don’t get the answer you want with one phrasing, you can think of another way to approach the question.

Which brings me to the final, and most remarkable happening of the event.  I had 2 young men who work closely with the earth and plant life asking a question that was big in their lives.  They each asked it in  different ways.  We were trying to circle around the issue and ask it from every angle.  They drew the answers they expected and recognized and they were able to make good sense of their answer.  The remarkable thing was they drew the answer card that says “Look To Nature For an Example” 5 times!  I checked. that card was NOT bent or marked or different in any noticeable way.  They shuffled and mixed the deck between turns.  One kept the decks all mixed as one and just pulled one of each design, the other separated the designs and pulled from each pile.  That card was important enough for them to see that it kept coming up.  Each time it came up we thought would be the last because what are the odds.  But that card came up 5 times out of 7 questions!

Often, each time you play the cards there will be some new and funny or intriguing thing come up. !  Thanks for reading!




Hello Friends, Seekers, and Fellow Travelers

This is my first experience with Blogging.  I’ll be coming here, checking in, sharing my thoughts about and experiences with my Divinitive Answer Cards.  Hopefully my blogging will answer any questions you may have about the decks and inspire an interest in experimenting with them yourselves!

The Divinitive Answer Cards can be used solo, as a couple or in a group.  When the cards are used with more than one person the session is often more fun because of the interaction and suggestions your partners make.  Others can help you to format your question to be more specific.  They may think of some way to approach or consider your issue that you haven’t thought of.  They can help you interpret your answer or just remind you, that YOU know best what is right for you when their interpretations seem way off the mark!

If you are using the cards solo you can make your session serious or just for fun,…and often the serious use is still fun, especially when you get the answer you were hoping for!  But, I want you to know, you can always come here to my blog and ask me questions about your answer if you feel you need help in understanding it better.  Often you can gain more clarity just by re-phrasing your question and asking it in a different way..or just drawing an additional Answer Card.

Just like the Divinitive Answer Cards themselves, I won’t give you your answer, but I’ll try to show you how the cards can help you find it.  I like to say, “You divine your own answer, so you get the Divinitive Answer, not the definitive answer.”

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  • casey says:

    I’m testing out my first blog post today with this fun little report. I was at the computer and I have a deck of my Divinitive Answer cards sitting nearby. I looked at them sitting there and thought, “I haven’t used these in a while, been too busy mailing them out and contacting folks about them” Then I took them out of their box and asked a question just for fun. I didn’t set an intention, or separate the decks. I just wanted to ask a quick question is passing.

    I asked the deck, “Will my cards be a success?” I was holding the deck in my hand and I just cut it in the middle of the yes no section and looked at the card facing me. It was a yes! (no surprise, I recognized that answer, was happy. I know it to be right because I believe in them). Then I cut the deck in the middle of the percent cards and lo and behold, I opened right to the 100%! I am not making this up either, I wish you were all here with me so you would have seen it for yourself. It is very fun when you get that powerful yes when it is what you expect, and hope for. Then to finish it all up I cut the deck in the answer section. I got the answer “Allow Yourself to Receive”.

    This is where the main interpretation comes in. I took that to mean, that the bulk of my work has been done for now. It is time to sit back for a while and reap what I sowed. This is my interpretation today. If I didn’t have so many other things to attend to right now in my chocolate business, and need to take a little step back from card business I would probably have had a different interpretation.

    I am really enjoying working with the cards and helping the public to know them as I do. So my interpretation of/ reaction to the answer “Allow Yourself to Receive” , if I wasn’t so busy in my other concerns, would have been to do just that. Go out there and “give” the cards to the public in all their various ways and then be comfortable receiving back.

    Thank you everyone so far who has exhibited interest and enthusiasm in the Divinitive Answer Cards, and welcome to all of you folks who soon will!