March 6th Answers Explained

Hello friends,

I recently had a comment from a confused user of the cards asking me to explain the contradictory answers that can come up.

I thought if he had this need others would.  So I am sharing my explanation here on the blog.

The first thing to say is, Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what the cards say is your answer.  The words on the cards aren’t your answer.  How you respond to the words is.  The contradictory nature of some of the answers is the very thing that shows you your true answer,  what you really want or what you believe is best.

Let me explain with the answer my friend questioned.  He drew:  “No,   15%,  Full Speed Ahead the time is now.”

If you ask a question that you are unconsciously hoping for a yes to, and you see  No, you will have a twinge of disappointment, (showing you right there if you paid attention, that you want that Yes). Then you see the 15% and your inner voice will try to apply that 15% to the NO….it is a weak no, which means mostly YES,  so you see what you want…..

BUT if you really wanted the answer to be yes, and you knew deep down that NO was the best answer for your highest good, then that would be drawn out because your higher self will give that NO some consideration. The  “Full speed ahead”  could make you happy because it is what your ego wants, but it won’t feel right to your higher self, and it will apply the 15% to that Answer Card if it knows that’s not best. …so accept full speed ahead cautiously….at 15% velocity…it can mean what you make it.

Then there’s always the possibility that you wanted the answer to be NO and you drew a NO.  You would recognize that right away as feeling right, the 15% would make sense to you as only a 15 percent chance of it happening etc. The answer card would then be discounted as superfluous if it is totally contradictory.

It says in the instructions to feel free to draw an additional answer card if you need more clarification.  When the answer seems contradictory or superfluous it sometimes helps.

There are really only 3 possibilities with the answers you draw.                                                                                                                        1) You will recognize your answer as feeling right for you, (sometimes even if you don’t like it).

2) You will not resonate with it at all and it seems totally wrong, ( so that shows you your true answer, if you see what you don’t want, you can more easily see what you do want).

3) Or it is totally confusing and you need to ask again, and maybe with different phrasing. (remember not to just grab the card on the top, look at them and take the one your eye is drawn to.)

One of the things the cards can do is that they can help you become to clear just exactly what  the question IS.  You can approach your question from a bunch of different angles.  This is why it’s good to play with close friends too, because they can help you formulate your question and interpret the combination of cards.  Sometimes their “take on it” will lead you in the right direction, sometimes they are off base, and when they are you know it.  When you see the wrong interpretation, you have a better finger on the right one.  Just like the cards.

But just like advice from friends, you don’t have to do what the cards say.  You are not meant to take their words as your answer.  Their words are meant to lead you to your right answer by your reaction to them.  It’s like a mini psych session.  Psychologists are known for saying “how does that make you feel?” That’s how these cards work, you see an answer and ask yourself how does that make me feel?

But with the Cards there is that whole other level where you start to try to manipulate the answer to be align with how you feel.  The variety of answers is just there to help you gain clarity in many different situations.  Some don’t work with every situation, but most often we find a way to interpret it’s meaning in the context of the question.  It is that % card that shows the most room for manipulation.  You can apply it to either the Yes/No card or the Answer Card, and which card you apply it to shows you what you want.

The Divinitive Answer Cards look easy and  really are quite simple, but explaining them is very complex sometimes, mostly because there is so much variety involved.  There’s over 2,700 different answers that can come up to apply to an unknowable number of questions. And the interpretation depends on the personality and background of the questioner at that moment in their lives!  2 people can get the same exact answer and interpret it in very different ways!